Kalpa Pharma Tren E & Test Cyp :/

Ordered Tren E 200 & Test Cyp 250 Kalpa Pharma from GBN & and after 8 weeks I have not noticed solid gains. No rage, no gyno, mild acne, no tren cough when pinning so I will conclude the tren is probably not tren.. what is it then i have no idea maybe just oil.. the test cyp i have upped to 750mg per week to finish the vials for this cycle but so far only 6 lbs have I gained and this is my 26th cycle… I ordered British Dragon from them recently waiting for it to come in so I am hoping to save this cycle with that brand but this one is likely a wash… this is my first cycle with gear that isnt true to what it says it is. I checked on Kalpas site to confirm authenticity and it checks out on their site as authentic so I’m curious to hear from anybody else that has ordered from them in 2021 or now 2022 for legitimacy. TIA! “Ain’t Nothin’ But A Peanut” – Ronnie Coleman

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