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This was my first order with Panda and I can say I wasnt disappointed, great products and service. I was really impressed with the website and all the different product to choose from. Panda store is always stocked up so you are never waiting for a product to get in, which to me is a big plus. Communication was good, sent several email and got replies that say day. Other than emails I didnt have any other type of communication with Panda but they also have online support. I received my package 15 day total from start to finish which is very good for international orders. All Dragon Pharma products except the caber which was Pfizer. 1 x DP Anavar 4 x DP Tren Acetate 100 3 x DP Test Prop 100 2 x DP Aromasin 2 x DP Clomid 1 x Brand Cabaser 1mg Quality of product was very good, oil was clear and no pip with Tren or Test P. This was my first time using Tren A so I started really slow at 40mg ED and went up every week 10mg till I reached 70mg ED. By the end of the 12 weeks I was up 15lbs, my pumps were great and sometimes painful and I dropped down in BF which was expected. Test P 1-12@ 35mgED Tren A 1-10 @70mgED Aro [email protected] EOD also ran through PCT Caber 1-10@ .5 EOD as needed Clomid 100/100/50/50 Now getting ready to run another cycle in may, cant wait.

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