dragon pharma DHB

i just finished running a Dragon DHB cycle.400mg DHB and 700mg Kalpa sustanon a week.i ran 14 weeks of heavy weight lifts and 10 miles aday on the bike.started at 208lbs. at 31 percent body fat. when i finished i am at 192lbs and 16 percent BF. I ate chicken turkey protein shakes and oatmeal.just maintenence or a little below calorie and high protein(about 350 grams a day) i only have one working arm because of a bad motorcycle accident 20 years ago.my workout weight for the pectoral fly ended at 265lbs(i got much stronger on this cycle)not bad for one arm. not only did i get stronger the body recomp was great and i felt incredible.there was no PIP and i would shoot 2ml/200mg twice a week with heated oil and would add 1ml/350mg of kalpa sustanon to each shot.the only little side effect was heavy sweating while working out,especially when riding bike 10 miles a day at 15mph and i loved it.i will be using Dragon DHB again,most likely almost any other cycle.Next will be the same cycle but adding Dragon NPP 150 3 times a week (M W F)continue to lose BF and i cant wait to up my calories and add some lean mass.DHB is now my favorite.if you have some cycle experience and some doubt or a little nervous i say just jump in you are most likely gonna love it too. thanks to everyone and DRAGON for the great products

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