dragon pharma anavar

My source had a sale and Dragon was on sale the same price and I always wanted to try it……….thank god I did. Im not even done with my cycle which I ordered 3 test e and one bag of 50mg x 100 winstrol. I’m three weeks in and I don’t need to go any further because I am impressed. I never done winstrol I got it for a friend but I always try something lol. I know the sides and I took 50 mg ad suppose for 14 days and my joints were hurting my skin got tight and I was vascular and thats being at 11% body fat so yeah impressive. The test kicked in real quick but I been off 6 months and maybe that had an impact but I feel it on 3 weeks in and I usually dont till 5 weeks. Erections and strength and motivation is up after I got over the test flu. The only thing is this stuff kinda has a good amount of pip to the stuff I normally ran. Ive ran 10 or so cycles and it hasnt been this bad since my first one. But you know what the gains speak for themself. I do recommend them 99%.

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