dragon pharama test 350 blend, tren and deca

Ordered dragon pharama test 350 blend, tren and deca, order was wrong. They sent me 4 bottles of test undecanate, contacted support, they reshipped the 3 bottles. Gear came in, tested it using RoidTest kit, all good on quality. 2nd batch. I ordered test, hcg, nolvadex, and clomid. Reason being is i had actually been on cycle and was coming down. Well, due to my ignorance and trusting DP, i injected my left cheek with the test 350, understand Ive been doing this for almost 2 years and have had no issues self administering my jabs. So the next day, my injection site is swollen red and hot the the touch, this goes on and gets progressively worse over the course of the week until eventually i go to the ER, currently awaiting a positive ID on the substance as 1. The bottle was clear but after breaching the seal the substance is now milky white, tested it against the substance kit and its not coming back Which also scares me to use the clomid,hcg, and nolvadex as i am unable to verify the legitimacy of those substances. Help support has not responded in 10 days.

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