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Guys I bought 2 roidtests one for my testosterone I get from my doctor and one for the Oxandrolone. The Test immediately tested correctly as TestE. The Oxandrolone immediately spiked as DBOL this is the second review that is telling you that we had it tested and it’s coming back as DBOL. me and him are the only ones that have a Had this product tested!!! You are eating a considerably cheaper and more liver toxic product. Yes you get gains but you can also get DBOL at half the price. Bottom line this product is marketed as Oxandrolone and in fact is DBOL I’m not going to spell out the actual compound name for DBOL but I promise you guys your being ripped off..! Stay away from this product I can’t speak on what else this company sales but this product so good luck all I know if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck usually it’s a duck!! To an inexperienced DBOL and Anavar user your not going to be able to tell the difference but get yourself some real Anavar and you will know!! Best wishes on your journey to be the best you!!

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