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Another order received!!! Guys if you’re not using this source for your gear needs then you need to give this review some real thought!! I have been using this company solely now for three years and have had nothing but great experiences. The product line is huge, the customer service is second to none, the packaging is most discreet and the quality of the products you get are pharmaceutical grade i kid you not!!! I just placed an order in October internationally and it took around 20 days from me placing the order and me receiving the package which isn’t bad and i don’t mind waiting on something that I know has quality to it. I placed a small order to restock on my test cypionat 250 and when I got my package they had given me 310 tabs of 25mg Dianabol Generic Asia brand for free along with four pills which i can only assume its their viagra !!! Guys I have been running the Dianabol at 25mgs a day for almost a month now and i have been seeing all kinds of results. My strength has increased along with my libido (this stuff has me getting hard over nothing lol!) The pumps from it are insane! You get the back pumps and all from it trust me. Its a love and hate thing from dbol but thats how you know its good. I know for a fact i will be using this company again in the future. They truly are a trust worthy company and I’m not one to leave reviews on things but i just had to. They have always treated me good from the first time i used them. I was skeptical and scared but I’m so glad i made the decision to swith to Any issues I’ve ever had have always been resolved. I’m telling you this amazing company will take care of you and your needs so get to ordering

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