Beligas Dbol is amazing

I had a goal to bulk and decided to go again with classic mass builder stack but this time without Deca. So the idea was to use Testosterone Cypionate with Dbol this way: Test Cyp – 500mg/week for 12 weeks and Dbol 20mg/day for 4 weeks;

For Post Cycle Therapy as always I do Clomid for 4 weeks and if needed I add 1-2 weeks more. After I decided with products the next question was which brand to use, I wanted to use something new and I remember I saw some photos of Beligas some time ago so I thought why not try Beligas. So after some research I found a few e-shop where Beligas was sold so I contacted customer support and after a few messages back and forth I decided to go with because of their friendly attitude. I bought Dynabol 20mg, Cypo Testosterone 200 and Clomid 50mg. The products were delivered in less than 1 week and I started the cycle. I also bought BCAA, MultiVitamins, Omega 3 and Glucosamine/Chondroitine and some Weider Mega Mass 🙂 So I was fully prepared to get bigger again 🙂 Since Beligas Test Cyp is 200mg the total weekly dosage was reduced to 400mg/week. Actually that is ok and enough to get results especially if you stayed off cycle long time. First Test Cyp injection was smooth although I felt it a little bit after. Not a big deal. The Dbol has a short half-life and I split the tab into 2 and took 10mg in first part of the day and 10mg before workout. Since I was eating enough, sleeping enough and training hard I got great results of 25.2 pounds by the end of this cycle. Well guys, what can I say more, I am happy with products and service I got from so after a few months off I may try their Anavr and Propionate.

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