I just found this site and I dont want to they probably wont even post this review. I was looking for a cheaper source for somatropin a certain brand. The only thing I found is that the three suppliers I deal with that have exactly what everybody else has Ive looked at are cheaper by far than any of these places and just as reliable I have been using them for years and I would say all three are great One is more expensive than the other two but theyre all very reliable and theyre all cheaper than here and the other place I looked at but I understand if youve been using this site for a long time and youre confident in it theres something to be said about that because I would pay more at a site that Ive used and I know the s*** is coming then one I have it and I got to worry for 3 weeks if the s***s going to come. So if this is a good site for you even though its a little bit more expensive stay with it its got good products Im telling you all I use is dragon pharma for the most part Ill use another brand here and there but rarely. I only use dragon pharma because Im 100% confident and everything they put out I was shocked because I started bodybuilding in 1988. My first contest was 1990 when I was 18 I competed until 2001 my last show was the USA The NPC USA where I play six. That was in 2001 and after that I retired and was done. Then I didnt go in a gym for a long long time and when I did come back everything had changed. The internet changed everything about buying gear now people could go online and get whatever the hell they wanted no matter how big they were if they ever touched the weight or they even knew how to work out. But it is what it is theres good points and bad points to that The bad points are people that shouldnt be touching this s*** can get it but the good points are people that do know what theyre doing its easier to get. T Im very sorry for the long post I just wanted to explain my situation what Im looking for is 400 I use of dragon Pharma s SOMOTROPIN. I have a price of 220 secured right now for four kids 400 I use I was just trying to find something cheaper but all Ive been finding is more expensive. If for some reason you can do better than 2:20 just get back to me and Ill buy from you. Thats really the gist of what I was trying to ask I added all that other s*** just his background noise. It does bother me somewhat the price is youre charging because I know you dont have to be charging that to make money because like I said I have three other sources that have the exact same products for far cheaper and I doubt theyre a charity organization and not making any money. Anyway thanks guys

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