I ordered Dianabol, trenbolone E, test E, i started the cycle, after 1 week i felt the difference, i was fuller, stronger, and the sex drive was getting stronger, after 1 month it got insane. With dianabol, i couldn’t eat much, i had some stomach annoyance, but it works, i felt a lot stronger with dianabol than without it. Maybe i went high on dianabol doses, or maybe my stomach isnt that strong, and actually when i stopped it, i felt a little bit weaker, but i got more results when i stopped it because i ate a lot more. In total really well deserved 5 stars, amazing stuff and quality, and the dianabol issue its not the product issue, it was my issue. also the dianabol was amazing. The trenbolone was so amazing, i felt very good, energetic, even more positive. I really recommend, well deserved 5 stars, and the stuff are amazing, so nice, they respond quickly, and i had my package delivered to xxx, in 20 days, as i was told. I really recommend, myself im gonna make another order.

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