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like i have said before they make ordering very easy and if you have any questions just contact them and they will get back with you around 24 hrs. order arrives in a couple weeks […]


AMAZING & PROFESSIONAL SERVICE ! I made my payment on June 22, 2021. My order status was telling me my order would arrive on July 26. Today is July 12 and when I checked my […]

Odin gear is fake!!!! FAKE!!!!!

I tried their anadrol 50mg, their equipoise 200mg and their megatest 500mg. All of it was FAKE!!!! consumed everything!!!! Tested Everything!!!! Fake!!!! Just Blank Oil & Sugar Pills!!!!

review: parapharma

Got 4 10ml vials of Sustanon 350 by ParaPharma and 2 10ml vial of Deca also by ParaPharma with discounted. Is there anyone here who has any experience with para pharma? and if anyone can […]

Xeno labs Review

Hi here, how its testosterone of Xeno labs? I would like to start a cycle with test e, can someone suggest me how much should I use it and how long?

Dragon Pharma Clenbuterol

Full cycle is about 6 weeks with a 2 weeks break between them, example: weeks 1 and 2 – 40mcg/day; 3 and 4 off; and 5 and 6 – again 40mcg/day.