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Testo blend is bad just had something happen to me after shot big lump and got really bad very bad .the other stuff I got was good but 350bad .tried many times to see if I did it wrong .but seeing notes on reviews.same thing very pain full almost went to hospital over this stuff.well

Ultima testing

Ultima is a good brand that seems to be thoroughly tested. Watch out for the turinabol. According to the tests listed on NapsGear, it is double dosed. I emailed Ultima to ask if my batch was affected but received no reply. This is a good lesson on how and why to do your homework!


Dragon farms customer service was amazing. The experience was awesome and they did everything they could to fill and send my order on time. I would recommend them to anyone

Sustaxyl 350

Did full 8 week cycle of Sustaxyl 350 and stacked it with Dianabol 20. I started my cycle at 168 pounds. And I’m currently sitting at 180 pounds. I have finished my last injection on September 15th, 2022. Month and a half later no issues whatsoever. My only issue during injection was injection site soreness.

Ultima-Enan 400

The quality of ultima-enan was amazing! The strength I gained from using it was unexplainable! The motivation I had, libido, and pumps were so good! I was increasing my lifts over and over again but I wasn’t putting extra effort into it! All thanks to this product! The shipping was fast! It only took 4

ultima domestic us

Ultima tren gave me a quality muscle mass that no other product can do. It also gave me the power to make my lifts easier and made my gym days. It also made me manly enough! Price was reasonable considering that they are one of the top sources here at US.

dragon pharma with panda

This was my first order with Panda and I can say I wasnt disappointed, great products and service. I was really impressed with the website and all the different product to choose from. Panda store is always stocked up so you are never waiting for a product to get in, which to me is a

ultima reviews

I always keep coming back to ultima pharma products and to panda store. The reason is that products works great and perfect for me. There is nothing more you can ask about (panda store) how they handle their products and customer. It made me feel like the money that I am spending is safe is hands down the best source for acquiring top notch high quality gear. The level of integrity from this source is undeniable and unmatched. I've had a few successful orders. One was shipped internationally and one was shipped domestic both were very fast. My best friend has also been going through for over